Smart Home Security: Your Guide to the Revolutionary New System

By admin / April 27, 2016
Remote Security Managment of Smart Homes

Home security is important for every household. So you don’t want to just go with the cheapest thing on the market. You want something that does what it claims and goes the extra mile to make sure you, your home, and your family are as safe as possible.

Smart home security offers a variety of different options and features that allow you to create a customized security system that perfectly meets all of your unique security needs.

Remote Control of Alarm System

Learn more about home automation and smart home security systems in order to figure out which options are available to you and which options you might want to choose for your own home.

The Components of a Smart Home Security System

There are a lot of different devices that you can incorporate into a smart home security system. One of the coolest things about smart home security systems is that you have ability to pick and choose which components you want to incorporate into your system.

Here are a few of the options you can consider for securing your home:

Smart Motion Detectors

Motion detectors are small, compact devices that can be major helpers. They detect movement in or around the house. Then they can notify you or other devices in order to look into the suspicious activity further.

Motion Detector with Automated Lights

Motion detectors are an essential part of security but they can also be multifunctional. Coordinate them with your lights so that they automatically turn on as soon as you enter the room and turn off when you leave.

Security Camera System

Smart surveillance cameras are one of the absolute best components of a smart security system. You get high quality video feed that can be viewed anywhere in the world from your smartphone.

High Quality Security Cameras

This is thanks to the use of an IP security camera system which, instead of using a closed circuit television (CCTV) connection, uses an internet protocol so that it can send and receive data over the internet.

You can also connect your security cameras to a security DVR which you can command to automatically record whenever the camera detects motion. This way you capture and store footage that can later be used to catch any burglars or intruders in your home.

Smart Door Locks

Smart door locks can provide you some additional security that regular door locks can’t offer. For one, they can send you alerts any time the door has been unlocked.

Remote Control of Smart Locks

Some can even be restricted so that only those who are authorized to open the lock can open it. Attempts by unauthorized people will trigger alerts to be sent to your phone. Others are operated by fingerprint so that it will only unlock if it sees your fingerprint (or the fingerprints of any other authorized users).

Door and Window Sensors

Get alerts sent to your phone as soon as your doors or windows are tampered with. Home automation sensors are affordable and easy to install and give you the confidence of knowing that you will be alerted as soon as anyone tries to get into your home while you are away.

Sensor for Smart Doors

Coordinate them with your wireless security camera system in order to trigger automatic recording wherever the suspicious activity was detected.

Laser Security System

Incorporating a laser security system into your larger home security system effectively creates an invisible perimeter around your home. They are usually very easy to install and it is not very bulky or intrusive looking.

Next Gen Home Security

The perimeter created can do a few different things. It can alert you as soon as the perimeter has been breached or it can simply count the number of people going in and out. It could potentially also coordinate with your security cameras so that they start recording as soon as the perimeter has been crossed.

All-in-one Security Systems

For those who don’t want to go through all the effort of assembling a home security system piece by piece, some companies sell all-in-one systems. These are essentially compact boxes that usually contain motion detectors, various sensors, a camera, audio feed, and sometimes it’s even able to tell when someone is trying to tamper with it.

These are great options for smaller homes or for single room security. And they are surprisingly effective but they will need to be coordinated with a more comprehensive set of devices around the house in order to provide complete home security.

Home Security Alarm Systems

Smart detectors can be installed to detect fire, smoke, carbon monoxide, and water. Place them in any room in your home that you want to monitor. The sensors will send alerts to your phone as soon as it detects what it is meant to detect.

Alarm for Home Safety

It can even be coordinated with your lighting system. Learn more about that in the next section.

Smart Security Lighting

Smart lighting is a great way to save money on your energy bill but it can also be coordinated with your security system to provide additional security options. One of the most common options is to coordinate your lighting with your motion detectors so that your lights flash on as soon as your motion detectors sense suspicious activity.

Another option is to coordinate your lighting with your home security alarm systems. For example, if your fire detector senses a fire, it can command the lights to light up a safe path outside so that you can avoid the fire and get outside safely.

Lighting with Motion Detectors

The Smart Home Security System Advantage

There are a lot of advantages to switching over to a smart home security system. It offers versatility, more customization options, and a lot of other benefits that standard systems just can’t offer. Here are some of our favorite perks of smart home security:

  1. Increased Control: smart home security gives you complete control over your security system from the initial purchase through to the regular operations. You can buy a prepackaged security kit or buy devices piece by piece to assemble your own custom security system. That way you pay for exactly what you want and nothing more. Once installed, you will be able to manage and control every single component in your system from one central command center: your smartphone (or tablet or PC).
  2. Increased Monitoring Abilities: security system monitoring is easier than ever with a smart home security system. You can check in on live video feeds of your home from your smartphone. You will get alerts automatically sent to you as soon as any part of your security system detects something suspicious or potentially threatening. You can send commands to your security system from anywhere on the planet. The possibilities are endless.
  3. Increased Integration: the various components of your security system can work together to offer even more comprehensive and complete security. For example, when your door lock detects tampering or your motion detector detects motion, it can trigger nearby cameras to start recording. When your fire alarm detects smoke, it can command your lights to light up a safe pathway for you to follow out of the house to safety.
  4. More Convenient: standard security systems often require you to enter in codes before leaving and right when you get home. Smart home security requires far less effort and can be customized to work with your schedule and do everything it can to make your life easier and help you feel more secure even while you are away from home.
  5. Save Energy: Home security systems can be huge drains on power. Smart home security systems are designed to be more energy efficient so that you get better home security while using less power at the same time.
  6. Customizable: if you choose to buy your smart security devices piece by piece (and make sure that they are all compatible with the same system like Z Wave or ZigBee) then you can create the perfect home security system for you. Don’t pay for extra features you don’t want and don’t settle for a security system that doesn’t have certain features you do want. Get exactly what you need for your home—no more, no less.


There are a surprising number of different smart security devices that you can combine to make the perfect home security system for you. Plus, they usually offer far more functionality and perks than standard non-connected security systems.

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