Smart Home Climate Control: Save Time, Money, and the Environment

By admin / April 26, 2016
Climate Control of your Smart Home

In an age of home automation and the internet of things, one of the most exciting innovations for home owners is the possibility to save money and protect the environment effortlessly.

Heating and cooling costs make up the bulk of your energy bill so this is one of the best areas to turn to if you want to start seeing real savings.

Control Of Smart Home Climate

Home climate control has long been a strategy for keeping your energy costs down and lowering your carbon footprint. But until now, you have had to manually control your heating and cooling systems by setting the thermostat yourself.

With climate control automation, all of that is changing. You can now get all the benefits of climate control (and much more) with far less time and effort on your part.

What Is Climate Control Automation?

Home climate control automation is when you install smart devices in your home which not only tell you what temperature it is and allow you to set a target temperature, they also give you a variety of different options to help you keep your home at a comfortable temperature all year round and use less energy at the same time.

Smart heating and cooling systems connect via the internet which allows them to communicate with you, communicate with other devices, and learn from the web as well as from its own environment.

Climate Control of Your Home

This allows your climate control system to operate almost completely independently. It learns your habits and preferences and then figures out the most efficient and least wasteful way to meet your needs.

Because it can do all of this more or less independently, you no longer have to stress about programming the thermostat or remembering to turn it on and off multiple times each day. And if you want to check up on how things are going, your climate control system will send you updates and allow you to check in on it from your smart phone.

Smart Thermostats

There are a variety of different smart thermostats out there that each come with their own unique features. Here are a few of the things you can expect to see in a smart thermostat:

Nest Money Saving Thermostat

  • Automatic On and Off settings: the thermostat can recognize when you leave and when you come home via sensors so that it knows when to turn on and off. That way you know you aren’t wasting energy on heating or cooling an empty home.
  • Automatic Scheduling: let your thermostat learn your habits and the seasons so it knows what temperature to set to and when.
  • Energy Usage Reports: get reports sent to your phone to show you how much energy you have saved since switching to your new smart thermostat.
  • Remote control: check in and control your thermostat from your smartphone. Adjust the temperature without having to get off the couch or make sure the kids haven’t tinkered with the settings from your phone while at work.
  • Maintenance reminders: some thermostats also monitor the status of air filters and other parts of your heating and cooling system and send you alerts when it is time for a change so that you can make sure to replace things and keep your system running smoothly and efficiently.
  • Monitoring ability: some thermostats also monitor things like air quality, humidity, and more beyond just the temperature of your home so you can be even more aware about the environment you live in.
  • Zoned heating and cooling: add thermostats to each room and combine them with occupancy sensors for increased efficiency. Your system will only heat or cool rooms that are currently occupied. This is ideal for larger houses since you usually aren’t occupying all the rooms at once.

Smart Home Cooling Systems

In addition to thermostats which control both heating and cooling in your home, you can also get smart air conditioners. This is ideal for homes that don’t have central heating or cooling systems.

Some of the features you might find on a smart air conditioner include:

Heating and Cooling

  • Remote control your A/C from anywhere in the world from your smartphone.
  • Switch between settings and adjust the temperature from your phone.
  • Automatic On/Off so that you aren’t ever cooling an empty home.
  • Cut up to 40% off of your cooling costs.
  • Some options are separate device that can be attached to any air conditioner unit to make it smart.
  • Easy installation especially if it is simply an add-on device that you just need to attach to your existing air conditioner.

Smart Home Heating Systems

Along with smart air conditioners, you can also get smart heaters. Here are some of their possible features:

Home Climate Control

  • Customized heating settings that allow you to keep different zones at different temperatures.
  • Location abilities so that it can already start heating up the house as soon as it recognizes that you are approaching the front door.
  • Occupancy sensors so that it only heats rooms that are occupied.
  • Customizable modes so your heater knows exactly what you want.
  • Usually very easy installation although some need to be professionally installed.


With all of these options, you can start saving tons of money on your energy bills. And when you start combining climate control automation with other home automation options like smart lighting systems or smart home security, the savings will continue to pile up at the same time that your life gets significantly more simplified—at least as far as your home is concerned.

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