SkylinkHome WE-318 In-Wall Lighting Receiver

By admin / April 22, 2016
Home Switch Lighting Relay or Dimmer

Smart lighting and smart power control are an excellent way to lower your energy bill. One of the easiest ways to take more control of your lighting and appliances is by installing smart wall switches.

There are quite a few different switches on the market right now and the best one for you will depend on your specific wants and needs. The SkylinkHome switch is definitely one worth considering as you shop around for a switch.

Remote Receiver Skylink Lighting


Our only problem with this switch is that it is not compatible with LED lighting so if you are using a lot of LED lighting in your home, you are probably better off looking to a different product.


The installation is surprisingly simple (although it does require some basic handyman skills like simple wiring and mounting) and you can use it with your existing wiring so no need to use a neutral wire. It is a straightforward replacement for your existing switch.

Home Receiver Lighting Switch

In addition to the wall mounted switch, you get a wireless remote control which allows you to control the switch. You can also get the SkylinkNet App on your phone or tablet so that you can control the switch from anywhere in the world.

It can also be connected with compatible sensors and other devices that can transmit signals wirelessly to control your switch. That means you can program your motion sensors to automatically turn on the switch when it detects motion. This is great for outdoors or for the hallway when you are walking to the bathroom at night.

Lighting Receiver Switch

It also works as a dimmer which not only gives you increased control over the lighting but saves you even more money. Dimmed lights use less power than lights that are turned fully on so even just by dimming slightly, you can save money. And the ability to turn the switch off remotely means you can save money by never accidentally leaving your lights on when no one is home.

Buy In-Wall Lighting Receiver

This all helps to extend the life of your light bulbs—whether those are normal light bulbs are fun and practical smart light bulbs.


Aside from the lack of LED lighting, this is a solid product that will last for years and provide you with dependable and consistent functioning and give you more control over the lighting (or appliances) in your home so that you can save money and live more comfortably at the same time.

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