Simplisafe2 Wireless Home Security System

By admin / April 22, 2016
Home Security System from SimpliSafe

When it comes to smart home security, you have a lot of options to choose from. Not only are different companies putting out their own devices and systems, but you can also choose just how comprehensive you want your security to be.

If you have been considering switching to a smart home security system but you don’t want to spend money on a complete top-notch security outfit for your home, you will probably find your best solution in the form of a pre-packaged security starter kit.

Wireless Home Security Package

These starter kits come with all the basics for a fully functional smart home security system. Plus, they give you room to grow. Over time, you can slowly add pieces to build on to it (so long as the new pieces are compatible with the devices in the starter kit).

This means that as you gradually want to go for something more advanced or more comprehensive, you can do so without having to scrap what you have and starting over.


The most inconvenient thing about this is that you do still have to pay a monthly service fee. Some people turn to smart security because they want to avoid these fees so it is a bit disappointing to make the switch and then find out you still have a monthly bill to worry about.


With that in mind, one of our favorite starter kits is the Simplisafe2 wireless home security system. It is a really strong system on its own and it is only a fraction of the price compared to what you get from alarm companies.

Wireless Home Security System

You can install yourself so there’s no expensive professional installation fees. And you pay just $15 per month for the service, without a binding contract so you can cancel any time. For your money, you get unbeatable security features like:

  • Built-in cell connection so that even if your phone line is cut, your security system can still call/alert you.
  • 4 door and window sensors and 1 motion detector with an adjustable range of up to 500 feet.
  • Carbon monoxide detection
  • Water and frost sensors
  • A secret duress PIN code that triggers a silent alert to the company in case an intruder is forcing you to turn off your security system.

Security Comes First for SimpliSafe

  • Lithium batteries that last for 5 years along with a rechargeable backup battery that will power your system for 2 full days. So no power outage will leave you insecure.
  • A separate keypad and base station so that smashing the keypad will not deactivate the alarm. The base station is responsible for transmitting signals and can be hidden so that intruders can’t deactivate the system.
  • A key fob for easily arming and disarming the system with the touch of a button.
Buy Wireless Home Security System

Plus, you can add additional devices to this system at no additional cost (beyond the costs of the devices themselves). A lot of other companies will bump up your monthly fee if you try to enlarge your system. This is not so with SimpliSafe.


Overall, this is a really high quality system with a lot of great features and a surprisingly affordable price. However, some people opt for smart home security systems because they want to avoid monthly fees. If that’s you, you might want to check for a subscription free option.

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