Samsung 4-Door Refrigerator With Wi-Fi Enabled LCD

By admin / April 22, 2016
Refrigerator from Samsung LCD 4-Door

This new Samsung refrigerator is designed to act as the center piece of your smart home. In addition to being a really fantastic refrigerator, it is also an organizer, a media hub, and so much more.

Refrigerator 2-Door Opened Smart Kitchen


In terms of fridge functionality, this new appliance from Samsung boasts a lot of great features:

  • 4 doors, including two separate drawer compartments below the fridge portion: a freezer and a small middle drawer that is perfect for storing lunches, snacks, juice, water and other treats. This middle drawer is at counter height so that kids can reach it easily without assistance.
  • Adjustable shelves and middle drawer dividers so that you can store exactly what you need neatly and conveniently.
  • 28 cubic feet of storage which translates to roughly 28 bags of groceries. So even if you’ve got a large household, this fridge is going to meet your storage needs.
  • Independent cooling for the fridge and freezer compartments so that you can adjust each to the perfect temperature.
  • An ice maker that can make as much as 10 lbs. of filtered ice per day.
  • A water dispenser that filters the water for you.

Now these all make for a really high-end refrigerator but what makes this fridge from Samsung “smart”? For starters, it is Wi-Fi enabled and it has an 8” screen front and center.

Smart refrigerator from Samsung

From that screen, you can do just about anything you could do on a tablet and more:

  • Play music from YouTube, Pandora, or anywhere else.
  • Check the news and social media
  • Display your google calendar
  • Display to-do lists and leave notes for the family
  • Display recipes
  • Watch TV using the mirror function (it will display whatever is on your Samsung TV)
  • Access your apps

This fridge will connect to any other Samsung smart device you have so you can sync it up with your phone and keep tabs on your fridge even while you are away. That includes monitoring the health of your fridge. Be alerted when it’s time to change the water filter and other important maintenance.

Huge 8″ LED Display


The only things we were a bit disappointed with was the fact that it is designed only to connect with Samsung devices so if you are not a Samsung home already, you won’t get the same kind of connectivity. But there are still a lot of great features you can use directly on the 8” display even without that.


Aside from that, it is a solid product with a high quality design that is highly functional and intuitive. Even as a standalone fridge without the WiFi enabled features, it is a great choice.

Buy Refrigerator With Wi-Fi Enabled LCD

However, where it truly stands out from other high quality refrigerators is its connectivity so if you aren’t already a Samsung household, you may feel like it’s not that much different than any other fridge.

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