Revogi Smart Color Led Bulb

By admin / April 22, 2016
Remote Control of Smart Bulbs from Revogi

This smart light bulb from Revogi is one of our favorites on the market today. It’s functionality is the perfect combination of practical, fun, and versatile so it really is perfect for every home.


There are so many great features we could talk about with this LED bulb so let’s start with a quick bulletpoint list of the top features:

Revogi Smart Bulb Review

  • Long lasting and energy efficient: you get 25,000 hours of light with 10% less energy usage than normal light bulbs.
  • Multiple different settings that can all be controlled from your smartphone.
  • The ability to control as many as 10 bulbs at once or control each bulb individually – all from your smartphone or tablet!
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS so you don’t have to worry about your smartphone not connecting.
  • Bluetooth connectivity uses less energy (and no data) from your smartphone.

Revogi Smart Color Bulbs

Easily swap out your old bulbs because this one screws into any standard socket.

In addition to all those great features, we just love the different settings and modes that you have available. If you thought light bulbs were just for either turning on or off, prepare to be very wrong.

Not only can you turn these bulbs on and off from your phone, you can also adjust the dimness or brightness. You can put it on a timer or set up a schedule for all of them (or a different schedule for each one).

Where it gets really interesting is with the color change. Not only are you able to choose from over 16 million different colors (including various tones/shades of white light), you can also use different color changing modes.

Bulbs Compatible with Smartphones and Tablets

It offers both a music visualizer setting and a kaleidoscope setting which create effortlessly wonderful displays of color perfect for a party. It even has a message alert setting where it flashes a few times when you get a text or a call.

One of our favorite features is the wake up setting where it gradually turns itself on in the morning (for a sort of sunrise effect) so that you can be woken up gently and feel more refreshed in the morning.

Buy Smart Color Led Bulb

There’s also a nifty anti-burglar mode you can use while you are away where the bulb will turn on and off randomly to give the impression you are at home. But the best feature for everyday use is probably the fact that you can set it to automatically turn on when you enter the room and automatically turn off when you leave.


It’s not easy to find anything bad to say about this product. It definitely costs more than a normal light bulb but that is to be expected when it comes with so many extra features that are not only super fun but also really practical and helpful. We think it’s a great buy for absolutely any home. It’s also a great gift.

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