Nest Thermostat 3rd Generation Learning Device [2016 Awesome Gadget]

By admin / April 22, 2016
Cool Looking Modern Automated Thermostat

The Nest Thermostat third generation  builds on the amazing features of the earlier generations. Its main purpose is to save you money on your energy bill but it also happens to improve your life in other ways as well.


The only issue is that it is not compatible with every single type of heating and cooling system. However, it is compatible with about 95% of 24v heating and cooling systems including electric, gas, forced air, radiant, heat pump, water, oil, solar, and more. So if you want to be sure before you buy, you can check your compatibility on their website.

Nest Thermostat


The best feature that really sets it apart from other thermostats (smart or otherwise) is that the one from Nest learns as it goes. It learns what your preferred temperature is. It learns your schedule. It learns how best to help you.

Because of this, you no longer have to spend time tediously programming it or worrying about whether or not you turned it off before you left. This thermostat will adjust itself automatically based on your schedule.

It will turn itself off when you leave so that you aren’t wasting energy regulating the temperature of an empty house and it will turn itself back on when you come home.

It also has 3 different heating stages and 2 different cooling stages which differ on intensity. So when you come home in winter, it can turn itself on and set itself to the highest intensity stage to bring the temperature up to your preferred temperature as quickly as possible.

3rd Generation Thermostat Heating

After that, it will automatically move down into a less intense stage to maintain that temperature without using as much energy. With this kind of automatic programming, you could completely ignore your thermostat if you wanted to and still save money on your bill without sacrificing comfort.

It also has a “Nest Leaf” feature where a small green leaf pops up to let you know you have chosen an energy efficient target temperature. This helps you save even more money by letting you know exactly what temperature you should set it to or letting you calculate about how far away you are from that target.

Buy Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation

The thermostat easily connects with any Android or iOS device so that you can check and control the temperature from your phone or tablet. It also sends you alerts when it might be time to get your heating or cooling system checked out.

Thermostat from Nest Compatible with Smartphones


If your system is compatible with this thermostat, we highly recommend it. Once you install it (which only takes about 30 minutes), you’ll never go back to a normal thermostat again. And once you see how much lower your energy bill is, you’ll wish you had made the change a lot sooner.

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