Lutron P-BDG-PKG2W Caseta Wireless Smart Lighting

By admin / April 21, 2016
Lutron Wireless Lights

Smart lighting is growing more and more popular every day. One of the most important components of a smart lighting system is going to be the smart switches that control them.

By opting for smart switches, you have the freedom to continue buying regular light bulbs if you find the price of smart light bulbs a little too rich for your blood. Plus, smart switches simply replace your old “dumb” switches which means they don’t just have to be limited to lighting.

If your switch was controlling the outlets in a room, your smart switch will control those same outlets. So whatever you plug into it, you can control remotely with your new smart switch.

The Lutron wireless smart lighting switch kits is by far one of the best on the market right now. Unfortunately, it is priced to match that quality. But you really get a lot of bang for your buck.

Lutron Smart Lighting Kit

The kit includes:

  • 1 wireless smart bridge
  • 2 wireless in-wall switches (which can do both on/off and dimming functions)
  • 2 Pico remote controls
  • 2 pedestals for mounting your remote controls
  • 2 wall plates


The custom app allows you to control the switches from anywhere. This gives you the power to control your lights, shades, thermostat, or anything else wired to the switches from anywhere in the world.

You can even control from a smartwatch or give voice commands using Siri (for Apple users only). In addition to this great range of remote control abilities, you can also put your lights on a schedule so that you don’t even have to worry about turning them on and off anymore. The switch will also automatically adjust that schedule for daylight savings time.

Smart Wireless Lighting Kit

The smart bridge is also compatible with other products like the Nest learning thermostat so that some of your devices don’t even have to be directly wired to your Lutron in-wall switches to be controlled via the smartphone app.

It also comes with some pre-programmed settings like movie night mode that will automatically adjust your lighting scheme to match the mood. You can make and save your own custom modes as well.

You can even command it to schedule itself based on sunset/sunrise and it will use GPS location to learn when the sun rises and sets where you live. And it will automatically adjust for each day of the year.


There are two things that might make this Lutron kit a no-go for some people.

  1. It is a bit expensive. You can find cheaper kits out there, although you probably won’t find as many features.
  2. Some of the best features are available only for Apple users. This kind of brand exclusivity is annoying for people with a variety of different brands in their home.


So overall, the advantages of this system are that you get a nicely rounded out kit rather than having to buy each switch individually. You also get added functions like control over compatible devices.

Buy Wireless Smart Lighting

It is a bit on the pricier side and some of its features are only for Apple users so it may not be the right choice for an Android household or someone who is on a tighter budget. Otherwise, it’s got a lot of cool features that are really helpful and it’s got a great intuitive design.

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