Kwikset 910 Z-Wave SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt

By admin / April 22, 2016
Great Satin Nickel Kwikset Lock

Smart door locks are an essential for protecting your home. They can offer you so much more than standard key-operated door locks. One of our top picks for smart door locks is this high-end model from Kwikset.


In order to access the full range of features talked about, you will need a Z wave controller system. However, this is true of just about every smart product. They almost always needed a central controller system.

Deadbolt Electronic Home Security Lock

The most inconvenient thing about this lock is that the batteries only last about a year. It would have been nice to see a longer battery life but considering it uses just 4 AA batteries, it’s not that difficult or expensive to replace them. You can also set reminders for when the batteries run low so that you can replace them before they die, leaving your home unprotected.


It can replace any deadbolt and gives you the options of both standard key entry and keyless entry via access codes. It is Z-wave compatible and when you connect it with a Z-wave controller system, you get a lot of fantastic features that are indispensable:

  • Program up to 30 different user access codes. That includes temporary timed access codes that will only function during a certain set time period that you can decide. You can also set a master code for added security.
  • Choose from a long list of potential events and set commands for when they occur.
  •  For example, command your lock to trigger the porch light to turn on when it detects a user code being entered after a certain hour.
  •  When the door is locked from the outside, you could command it to turn off all the lights inside (as well as the thermostat and any other connected devices).
  •  Get email alerts when certain codes are entered or when lock picking or tampering has been detected.
    Black Kwikset Electronic SmartCode Lock

With the Kwikset smart deadbolt, you can lock your door with the touch of a button and ensure added security by being able to control who has access to your home. You can easily change the access code(s) whenever you need to in just 3 simple steps.

That means you could easily rekey your deadbolt on a monthly or even weekly basis in order to ensure no one cracks the code or gets inside unwelcome. It’s also perfect for when you move or your child lose a key.

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This lock also features BumpGuard technology which prevents lock bumping, a long used lock picking technique that uses a special “bumping” key to unlock deadbolts. And if you are worried you forgot to lock the door, relax, this lock can automatically lock itself after 30 seconds.

Kwikset Z-wave Compatible



Overall, this Kwikset deadbolt is a great purchase. We recommend getting one for every door in your home that leads to the outside.

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