Door Automation: the What, Why, and How of Home Automation for Doors

By admin / April 25, 2016
Benefits of a Smart Home Door Lock

When most of us think about home security, we are thinking about surveillance, alarms, detectors, and so on. These are certainly very important components to a home security system.

However, there is an often neglected component that should be totally obvious if you think about it: your doors! Door automation can add that extra level of security that helps you feel safer and more secure while you are in your home or when you are away.

Smartphones Communicates with Lock

A smart door lock system can do a lot more than just lock or unlock your doors. You can have smart door locks installed on every door (including the garage) and even your gates. Home automation door locks are an essential and all too often overlooked component of home security.

Learn more about how they work and what sort of benefits they can offer you. You’ll never use a regular lock again!

How Does a Smart Home Door Lock Work?

Smart door locks can be fitted easily over your old door locks. Installation and setup usually takes around 30 minutes max so it’s not a super labor intensive process. You can easily make these modifications yourself all in the space of a single weekend afternoon.

Security Comes First

A smart door lock differs from a normal lock in one key aspect: it can connect to the internet. But this single difference creates nearly unlimited possibilities.

It would be difficult to list every single advantage especially since each door lock will have its own special list of features and options. But read on in the next section to get an idea of what you can expect.

The Benefits of a Smart Home Door Lock

Here are some of our favorite benefits of smart home door locks:

Easy to Use Home Security Lock

  1. Be alerted anytime someone opens any door.
  2. Create unique electronic keys for each family member so that you know exactly who entered your home and when.
  3. Allow temporary access for guests.
  4. Be alerted anytime someone tries to tamper with the locks.
  5. Coordinate with other smart devices in your home. As soon as the smart door locks are locked, it will let your other devices know so that they can adjust themselves accordingly. Appliances, lights, and thermostats can automatically turn themselves off so that you aren’t using up energy when no one is home.
  6. Key free system allows you enter your home quickly instead of fumbling around for your keys.
  7. Remote controlling ability means you can make sure your doors are all locked from your smartphone. Never worry whether or not you remembered to lock your doors again!

Where Can Home Automation Door Locks Be Used?

The short answer is: any entry point into your home that can be locked can be fitted with a smart door lock. And the more locks that your replace with smart door locks, the more security you have.

Let’s take a look at some of the unique advantages for each entry point.

Front and Back Doors

There are a wide variety of different kinds of smart door locks for your doors. You can get passcode locks that require you to input a specific code. You can also get fingerprint locks that read your fingerprints.

Front or Back Door Smat Locks

There are voice activated locks and locks that require a key from your smartphone. This allows you a variety of options including controlled access.

That means you can give electronic “keys” exclusively to those who you have authorized to enter your home. Create temporary “keys” during parties and other events where you want to extend the list of authorized guests. The keys will automatically become nonfunctional after a given time that you can specify.

Garage Door

Replacing your garage door opener with a home automation garage door gives you a few advantages. For one, you can easily open your garage door from your smartphone. And since your smartphone is almost always with you (unlike your garage door opener) this is a pretty great advantage.

Remote Opening of Smart Garage Lock

You can also open your door from anywhere. If a family member lost their keys and is locked out, you don’t have to drive all the way home to let them in. Simply open the garage from where you are and they can get inside safely without any hassle.

Garage door automation can also provide additional security by alerting you whenever the garage door has been opened. That way, you are aware of any potentially suspicious activity as soon as it happens.


Locking your gates is just as important as locking your doors. They are the first level of security that is protecting your home. With a smart door lock or even just home automation sensors installed on your gate, you will be alerted as soon as this first level of security is breach.

Remote Opening of Smart Gates

That way, you can already be calling the police before they even reach your front door. Coordinate a home automation sensor or lock on your gate with a security camera so that you can check in on exactly who it is that’s trying to get into your home.

This will prevent false alarms and unnecessary calls to the police as well as providing you with live footage that can be recorded in case it is a real threat.


With all these options and functions, smart door locks can be a wonderful addition to your existing smart home security system. It’s also a great place to start if you don’t have a security system in place.

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