Fortress Security Store S02-A DIY Kit

By admin / April 22, 2016
Wireless Home Security Alarm System DIY Kit with Auto Dial

A quality home security system is an important part of any secure home. It should give you the power to take control of your own home and the security needed to feel safe whether you are at home or away.

Smart home security systems are far and away the best options out there for providing this high level of control and security. But not all smart home security systems are created equal.

Alarm System DIY Kit with Auto Dial

While we recommend getting smart surveillance cameras, detectors for smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide, and other smart security devices, you may not have the cash (or the willingness to spend it) for such an expensive set up.

So if you are just starting out and want to get a high-quality starter kit that gives you the core essentials, we recommend Fortress.


An issue worth mentioning is the battery usage. It doesn’t have quite the battery life we would like to see but replacing batteries is cheap and easy—much cheaper than the monthly subscription fee you would have to pay for similar security systems from other companies.


This Fortress security store is a wireless home security system that comes with the programmable main unit and a set of sensors that can be placed anywhere in the house. These sensors can detect a range of things including:

Fortress Home Security System Siren

  • Attempts to forcefully break in to doors or windows.
  • Suspicious movement or activity around the house

You get a total of 5 door or window sensors and 2 motion detectors.

It features an extremely loud siren that will both scare off the potential intruder and alert your neighbors. It also has an auto-dialer function so that it will call you as soon as it detects a potential security threat.

In addition to the siren option, you can also program it to play a recorded message or any custom sound.

This auto-dialer can be programmed with up to 6 different phone numbers so even if you miss the call, someone is sure to be alerted to the potential threat at your house.

And even when you don’t get a phone call but you still have the unsettling feeling that someone might have gotten into your house, you can call your security system to check up and see what’s going on.

Loud Siren Fortress DIY Kit

It can easily be activated and deactivated by putting in an access code or a convenient key fob that lets you deactivate with the touch of the button as you walk up to your front door. You get two key fobs in the set so both you and your spouse can have one or you can keep a spare in your car.

Buy Fortress Security Store Kit

In addition to all these great and extremely helpful features, we also like the easy installation. It takes around 45 minutes to get everything up and running—and that includes the time spent devising your plan for where to put each sensor.


Although it does drain batteries pretty quickly, the lack of a monthly service fee helps to offset the cost of batteries. And it has a fantastic range of features so we would call this one a definite buy.

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