Ecolink Z-Wave PIR Motion Detector

By admin / April 22, 2016
Motion Detector Immune to your Pet from Ecolink

This Ecolink motion detector is an essential addition to any home security system. It is an easy to mount motion detector with a long battery life and extremely precise detection skills.


As far as smart home products goes, this one doesn’t have a lot of flash or excitement. It’s not made with too many very exciting features or a sleek design. But it is sturdy and dependable. It’s made to do what it’s supposed to do well.


It can be integrated into any Z-wave network. That means it can form part of your security system and connect with any other Z-wave compatible devices in your network. And it will be a fantastic addition to that network.

Pet Friendly Z-Wave Compatible Motion Detector from Ecolink

It has a detection range of up to 39 feet away so it will be able to alert you before any unwelcome intruders even make it into your house. But it’s not so wide of a range that you are going to get alerts every time your neighbor across the streets walks out to get their mail.

Perhaps one of the most unique features about this particular motion detector is that it is capable of ignoring small to mid-sized pets. That means no more false alarms every time your dog walks in range of the motion detector.

It has 3 settings that you can choose from depending on your pet’s size so that it knows who to ignore and who to alert you to. It’s also go a horizontal angle view so that it can detect things on either side of itself as well so no one can easily sneak by without getting detected.

Simple Design Motion Detector

That is no small feature. That is a great bonus since one of the biggest problems with any motion detector is the false alarm rate. And pets can be a huge part of that. So if you’ve got a dog or a cat, this is the perfect motion detector for you.

This even more true for those who are planning to install a motion detector indoors. And with the affordability of this product, there’s no reason you can’t have one indoors and outdoors. That way, you can be alerted not only when a potential intruder gets near your house but also be alerted if they make it inside.

Buy Z-Wave PIR Motion Detector

Plus, the battery in this detector lasts up to 6 years so you won’t have to worry about a faulty battery causing you to miss any intruders and you definitely won’t have to worry about replacing the battery on a regular basis like you do with some of the other detectors.

Simple DIY Setup

Since the battery life is so long, you might even forget that it needs to be done eventually. To prevent any issues, you can tell this detector to send you an alert when the battery drops below a certain point (you can choose which point that is).


Overall, we love this product for its high quality, its great features, and the extremely affordable price. It’s an absolute essential for a smart home security system.

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