Prevent Your Cat from Getting Lost with a Cat GPS Collar

By admin / November 29, 2016

This is the moment in time that everyone wants to have access to everything at the touch of the finger. The “Age of the Home Automation System” is upon us. Many people rely on such systems to monitor the safety of their home and any activity while they are away. I would like you to consider how helpful it would be if you had an automation system that was so precise it could track the location of your most valuable “fur ball”. Yes. Instead of frustration when your cat sneaks away, consider a cat gps collar that can help you locate your cat when he can’t be found.

Are You Kidding Me?


Home security


Trust me, this is not a joke. The technology of the home automation system continues to expand. It has expanded in such a way to help “cat lovers” prevent their precious cats from wandering off and getting lost. Do you want to hear more about this system?


What is a GPS System for Cats?




A Cat gps collar provides a way to easily locate your cats. You need a gps collar whenever your cat sneaks away or if they are lost or stolen from you. These tracking devices are not difficult to place on your cat because they are worn as a collar. Most of these collars have a battery which have a life span of about two hours. Recharging the battery is as easy as charging your cell phone.


Most of these collars use A-GPS to locate your cat. This type of tracking technology ensures that your loved one will be found quickly. Boundaries can be set within the tracking system to determine how far your pet can travel before you are notified.These collars are a great way to keep your cat safe and make sure he comes home each day.


Which One is Best for Your Cat?


You may be surprised to know that you have several options for your cat. I would like to help make your choice simple by providing you with a list of trackers with great qualities for a cat gps collar.


1- Premium Worldwide GPS Pet Tracker By Find My Pet GPS.


This device is a SMART collar with Real Time Tracking. It allows you to set boundaries for your cat  and receive instant notifications when your cat leaves the set location. The Premium Worldwide GPS Pet Tracker can track your pet worldwide in about 80 countries. You receive free web, android, and iPhone Apps. This device is easy to use and pet friendly.


2-Whistle GPS Pet Tracker by Whistle


This device is truly a whistle system. It provides nationwide coverage to locate your cat. You just set your designated areas for your pet and the system will notify you if your cat goes outside of these locations. It syncs with your smartphone and notifies you immediately. The Whistle GPS Tracker is waterproof which allows it to go wherever your pet goes. It can be used with pets 15lbs and above.


3-Fashion Mini GPS Tracker for Small PET Dog/Cat


This GPS Tracker provides a free collar and free online tracking platform. It is multi-functional with strong location monitoring. It provides step-by-step tracking of your cat by provide exact route and GOOGLE map of the path your little one used. You can expect fast GPS notifications. The device can be located by SMS, internet, and mobile App.


4-CreaTion Waterproof Mini GPS Tracker for Small PET


This creation is waterproof, durable and accurate. It allows your pet to play freely even when water is involved without damaging the tracking device. You will receive fast notifications whenever your cat leaves the appointed location. Enjoy convenient text and email alerts, or check out the mobile app.


5-Tagg GPS Pet Tracker


This tracker is an award-winning Cat collar attachment. You will receive text and email notifications to locate your cat. It provides an interactive map to send you directly identified location. It also allows you to monitor daily activity to keep your pet healthy. This device is convenient and easily attaches to your cat’s current collar.


Use one these and you’ll never worry about losing your cat again !

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