4 Alarm systems that provide the best security for your home

You work long hours overnight. Your wife and young child is home alone while you’re working. Do you consider if your family is safe while you’re away? Can you be sure your wife will awake in time if an intruder breaks in? Will your child know how to make an emergency call if she’s all alone? These are all scary questions but it is important to provide security for your family. One way to answer these questions with confidence is by having one of the best home alarm systems.


Four of the Top Systems


  1- FrontPoint




FrontPoint is the top-rated home alarm and security company. Customers have been raving exactly the quality of this service. A lot of the excitement is exactly the completely wireless system which is a DIY. The system allows convenient use while away from home. All monitoring is interactive and viewed right from your smartphone. The customer service representatives are professional, kind, and helpful. They show concern for the needs of the customers. Pricing of this service is affordable and free of hidden charges. Frontpoint offers flexible contracts which fit the needs of its customers. This company offers All-Inclusive Monitoring of your home. Alert monitoring is available for individuals with serious health conditions.


2-  ADT


adtImage result for adt security system


The longevity of ADT is reliable and has gained the support and trust of many customers.Customers enjoy 24-hour customer service through this security company. It provides integration technology which allows monitoring from the web or smartphone. Voice command is accessible with this system to secure your home. You will get notifications exactly suspicious activity at your home. There is an option to set notifications for known activity in your home. Many customers prefer this type of service to watch their children when they are away from home. ADT offers a money back guarantee and theft protection guarantee.


  3- Link Interactive




Customers rely on dependable service. They prefer companies that have shown their trustworthiness over many years. Link Interactive has been a trusted company for over 60 years. It offers wireless and cellular monitoring. The use of interactive service generates through the Alarm.com platform. The service supportsZ-wave home automation equipment. The system continues monitoring to check for any loss in connection. Customer service is great and issued through live chat, videos, and phone.Security packages are optional for the customer. Link Interactive offers a 30-day money back guarantee.


  Protect America


protect-americaprotect-americaImage result for Protect America security system


Protect America is another company which provides top home alarm systems. It offers DIY installation which is a high priority for various customers. Z-wave performs home automation service. If you move, relocation is simple without any issues or added costs. You will receive a lifetime equipment warranty for the monitoring equipment. Expect good customer service through phone contact, videos, forums, and live chat. Protect America offers the most affordable plans. Customers have many plan options. There are no activation fees.


How to Choose A Plan?


The peace that comes along with knowing your family has proper security is priceless. It is important to have a system that can protect your home without causing you to be in debt. I have identified four of the top companies with the best home alarm systems. You can now choose which system is best for you.


You should choose a service that meets your needs for monitoring and pricing. Decide if you only need home security or if you need home automation as well. If you need home automation, then you can look at the equipment for each company to choose which best fits you. Make sure to consider which service will allow you to access home monitoring while are away from home.


Many customers prefer the companies that have systems which allow the convenience of self-installation. You should acknowledge if you want to install your own system. Find the company that completes this process for you if you don’t want to install your own equipment.Remember you will need to make accommodations when waiting on a technician. Pricing is important to maintain the monthly service. Choose a service that will give you contract choices. Also, find if you can make package options and get a money back guarantee.

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