Bayit Home Automation BH1826 Cam

By admin / April 21, 2016
Bayit Home HD Pro Cam

Smart security cameras are getting better and better every year. They offer so many cool and helpful features while still being perfectly affordable that we really can’t figure out why anyone would still use a standard closed circuit security camera.

This smart surveillance camera from BAYIT is a great example of cutting edge design and functions at a surprisingly reasonable price. These make a great addition to an existing home security system.


It is powered via a plug which can be both a pro and a con. The upside is that you don’t have to replace batteries or worry about the batteries dying, leaving your home less secure. The downside is that the cameras have to be located within reach of a plug.

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This makes them better for indoor use rather than outdoor use. So you can use it to monitor the inside of your home, keep an eye on your baby while in the crib, or check on your pets while you are at work.

But if you are looking for outdoor surveillance, we would recommend a different product.


You get a crisp, clear 1080p HD video feed that even has night vision. The device is also capable of recording onto a microSD card. This is a feature that really sets it apart because a lot of smart cameras either don’t offer recording at all or only allow you to record onto their cloud server (a service which they usually charge a fee for).

With MicroSD card recording, you can record at no additional cost and have the footage stored locally rather than on a cloud.

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Another feature that sets it apart is the pan and tilt abilities. It’s not fixed to a base so it has a complete 360 degree range of motion, meaning you can cover a wider space. And if one camera can cover a wider space, that means you need less cameras overall!

As with most smart cameras, you are able to view the video feed from your smartphone or tablet. It has its own BAYIT Cam App which makes viewing a much easier process than needing to log in to a web browser from your phone or tablet.

It’s also got a two way intercom system built into it so you can communicate via your smartphone to the room. And you can set up push notifications to alert you to any activity. It can also be programmed to automatically start recording as soon as it detects motion.

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That way, even if you miss something, you can check your recordings later and see if there was anything suspicious going on.


Basically, we are really happy with this smart camera. For indoor surveillance, it’s probably our favorite. If you want outdoor surveillance, you might want to look for a wireless system.

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