3 Reasons You Need A Home Automation System

By admin / December 11, 2016

If you had told me that I needed a home automation system ten years ago, I would have laughed at you and called you stupid. I was that person who didn’t need to spend extra money on a security system. I had my bat by the door and my sixth sense. These two were enough for my awareness and security. Then I got married and started a family. Once I had a spouse and children to protect, I realized that my sixth sense was tired late at night and I didn’t want to leave my family’s safety up to my trusty bat.

I needed security and a peace-of-mind for my family. As my family grew, security and peace of mind wasn’t enough but I needed more for my home. We had an alarm system but we needed more access.I wanted to see everything that was going on with my children during the day when they were home with a sitter. I needed a home automation system that would allow me to see everything throughout the day.

I changed from the person laughing at anyone spending the money on a simple security system to laughing at you if you didn’t have the alarm and the automation system.

As I searched for what I needed for my home, I found that there are several benefits of a home automation system. I wanted all the benefits. I needed the works for my family and our home.


Why Do You Need A Home Automation System?

1- Savings

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Okay. Let’s be honest about our money. No one wants to waste money on something that doesn’t benefit them and everyone wants more money. What if I told you that you could save money with an automation system?

Yes. If you have a home automation system you could see savings in your pocket by the next month. These savings can come from your ability to manage your home through your phone. The ability to ensure all lights, water, and appliances are turned off helps you save. How many of you could benefit from having a way to check behind your family and turn everything off while you’re away from home? I know I can benefit because I always leave the TV on in my bedroom. My children always leave the lights on in the bathrooms.

By having your home equipped with this system, you can save money each month. Don’t you have something else to do with your money besides spend it on electricity and energy?


 2- Access

Access and Savings go hand in hand. A Home Automation System gives you the access to your home through the touch of your finger. The touch of your finger affords you the savings. Yes. I love having the ability to access and manage my home through my phone. Most of all, I have small children and I enjoy being able to view my home and check on them throughout the day.

Another perk of access is the comfort and convenience it brings. I must admit I have turned on my heat on a cold morning right from my bed. Anytime I want it warm and crispy before rolling out of the covers, I can just switch on the heat from my phone. I can even turn my lights on outside if I misjudge what time I will get home. I love my home automation system and I know you would enjoy all the benefits of access through your system.


  3- Security


Security is the purpose of this system. We want security to alarm us of danger, intruders, fires, and emergencies. A Home Automation System provides this alarm along with the convenience of access and savings in our pockets. You will find that security is more secure with this system. It allows you to see everything that’s taking place in your home. It allows you to lock your doors from any location. You can turn off hazardous appliances that may cause fires. You will also get an alarm when intruders are trying to break in to steal your belongings. 

A Home Automation System is security with extra benefits. It is security that gives you a peace-of-mind.

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